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G.E.M. - 後會無期

Theme song for Mainland Chinese movie 後會無期 The Continent

Seems like the rumors that G.E.M. is singing a movie’s theme song is true, too bad it isn’t the rumored Hollywood movie. 

The OST is Skeeter Davis’s The End of the World. 

G.E.M.’s version is more mellow both in the music and in the voice. 
Both lyrics are kinda similar. This version talks about how someone just leaves you without notice, like a car that disappears, like a ship that sinks. You feel so lost and hopeless. 

Probably because they used an OST from the 60s, the melody is really easy to catch on. Tbh this song didn’t impress me the first time I heard it, but by the second time I heard it. 

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华晨宇 - 烟火里的尘埃

Hua Chenyu - Yanhuo li de Chen’ai / Dust in Firework

看着飞舞的尘埃 掉下来 watching the particles fall

没人发现它存在 no one knows of its existence
多自由自在 the freedom it has

可世界都爱热热闹闹 but the world loves drama
容不下 我百无聊赖 and won’t stand for my apathy

不应该 一个人 发呆 I shouldn’t go off in a daze

只有我 守着安静的沙漠 guarding a quiet desert by myself
等待着花开waiting for the flowers to bloom

只有我 看着别人的快乐 i’m the only one, when watching others 
竟然会感慨  feel alive through them

就让我 听着天大的道理 so let me listen to all the reason 
不愿意明白 but i don’t want to understand

有什么 是应该 不应该 how things should be and how they shouldn’t be

我的心里住着一个 苍老的小孩 inside me lives an old child

如果世界听不明白 对影子表白 if the world doesn’t understand, your confession in the mirror

是不是只有我 还在问 is it only me who still asks
为什么 明天更精彩 why everyone says tomorrow will be better

烟火里 找不到 童真的残骸 i can no longer find trace of my childlike innocence in the fireworks

只有我 守着安静的沙漠 there’s only me guarding the desert
等待着花开 waiting for the flowers to bloom

只有我 看着别人的快乐 there’s only me, who watches people happiness

竟然会感慨 and feel alive through them

就让我 听着天大的道理 so let me listen to all the reason in the world
不愿意明白 that i’m unwilling to understand

只有我 就是我 好奇怪 there’s only me, it’s only me, how strange

还在感慨 that i’m still feeling

风阵阵吹过来 为何不回来 the wind passes by, why doesn’t it come back

风一去不回来 悲不悲哀 the wind never looks back, isn’t it sad

麻木得那么快 应不应该 is it normal to be so easily numbed

能不能慢下来 can’t everything slow down
笑得开怀 哭得坦率 laugh heartily, cry boldly
为何表情 要让这世界安排 why should the world decide the mask we wear
我就是我 我只是我 i am who i am, i can only be who i am
只是一场烟火散落的尘埃 life’s but the remnants of firework particles 

风阵阵吹过来 the wind blows past

风一去不回来 the wind doesn’t look back

能不能慢下来 can’t everything slow down

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