cv维以不永伤大大’s version of let it go, 后期by 花世。this cover made the local chinese news. (this is based on a commercial that became a internet meme OTL) you can watch it on bilibili with all the comments streaming by live 23333

非洲农业不发达 必须要有金坷垃 african agriculture no good, they need jinkela
日本资源太缺乏 必须要有金坷垃 japanese natural resources no good, they need jinkela
风在呼啸 像心里的风暴一样 the wind is blowing, like the storm in my heart
只有天知道 我要金坷垃 only heaven knows, i need jinkela

别让他们 进来看见 don’t let them see
种好庄稼 就像你的从前 grow good crops, like before

不掺金坷垃 撒了白搭 撒了白搭 if you don’t add jinkela, you are just wasting fertilizer, wasting fertilizer

金坷垃 金坷垃 jinkela, jinkela
一袋能顶两袋撒 one bag is worth two
金坷垃 金坷垃 jinkela, jinkela
小麦亩产一千八 one acre produces eighteen hundred

金坷垃 我要金坷垃 jinkela, i want jinkela
任风吹雨打 i’ll withstand pounding storms
冰天雪地也能够种庄稼 i can even grow crops in the snow

这一粒粒的精华 让庄稼能长大 every single bit of precious, allows crops to become great
只要掺了金坷垃 肥料绝对不白撒 if you add jinkela, fertilizer never goes to waste

现在开始用金坷垃 在雪地上就能够种庄稼 you can use jinkela now, crops’ll even grow in the snow
投入很小 收获很大 用它 invest a little, but receive so much, just use it

金坷垃 金坷垃 jinkela, jinkela
一袋能顶两袋撒 one bag worth two
金坷垃 就用它 jinkela, just use it
来吸收土壤氮磷钾 suck up the soil’s nitrogen potassium sodium

撒一下 put some down
地上就开花 and the ground’ll bloom flowers
就算冷风一直刮 even if the wind is bellowing

你现在收看的是嘻嘻TV2 now you are watching haha TV2
《致富の路》带你走进神奇的金坷垃 <road to wealth> takes you into the mysterioius world of jinkela
盖个好暖棚想种啥就会有啥 build a good greenhouse and you can grow whatever you want

零污染 零浪费 不流失 不蒸发 zero pollution, zero waste, no loss, no evaporation
金坷垃 金坷垃 jinkela, jinkela
只要九九八九九八 only $9.98 $9.98
九九八 九九八 $9.98, $9.98
不是九百九十八 not $998

金坷垃 九块九毛八 jinkela $9.98
你还在犹豫啥 what you still waiting for
拿起电话拨打订购号码 pick up the phone to order now

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